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April Show Info & More

Good Morning!

The first Dripping Springs Outreach show is here. We're very excited about this event and we are grateful for the support you have shown. Our barn attendance is the largest number to date. We have a great roster of staff and we are ready to enjoy the weekend.

Here are some helpful tips to make your weekend run as smooth as possible.

First of all please note that horse shows are known for not being very timely. Our shows run more smoothly than many as we have figured out how to prevent what is known as "ring holds" which means exhibitors are not ready. I am going to list tentative times for the divisions and we will have a better schedule on Friday as entries close. Horse show competition has the reputation of "hurry up to wait" and we do our best to keep things on time. If you are unsure of your child's schedule, reach out to me and I'll give you the division they are signed up for.

Horses will arrive in Dripping Springs between 7 am and noon on Friday.



Schooling (practice) 12 noon until 6:30 pm

Friday night jumpers. We offer an opportunity to do jumper rounds on Friday starting at 2 ft and moving through all the divisions. This keeps the show ending earlier on Saturday. This is not intended to add classes, or offer duplicate rounds. The rider chooses to ride 1 or both of their classes to show on Friday. You do not have to participate on Friday, you may wait to do your rounds on Saturday.


Ring 1 will start at 8 am with the 2ft hunter divison

Approximate start times will be

2'hunters 8 am

2'3" hunters 10 am

2'6" hunters 12 noon

2'9" hunters 1 pm

Finish higher divisions by 2:30

Jumpers start around 3 pm and will run until 6 pm with each height division taking approx one hours.


Jumpers start with the lower levels first and continue through the morning.

Hunters will start approximately at 2 pm and finish around 6 pm.




Cavalettis (poles) start at 8:30 and continue through 2 ft


Cavaletti (poles) start at approximately 11 am and continue through cross rails finishing around 2 pm


Jumpers begin at 8:30

Hunters begin around 11:30 and finish around 2 pm


Riders should plan to arrive one hour before the start of their division. Riders may be dressed to show and cleanliness of show attire is important. Many riders wear loose pajama type pants over their show clothes. We do encourage the riders to be involved in the care of the horses, but we do have staff to be sure they are fed and watered. Riders may clean stalls, keep the aisles neat, clean their tack (saddles and bridles), bathe their horses and be helpful to each other. The experience fosters an opportunity to care for their horses .

Plan to go to the office on Friday after 4 pm to check in. This means you secure payment , and pick up your back number, we now accept credit cards, as well as the tradition of leaving an open check. Throughout the weekend riders may add or scratch classes creating changes to the invoice, therefore the open check allows for checking out on Sunday with only one form of payment. Credit cards are presented on Friday and "hold" the same concept.

Proper attire is the standard for the judged hunter divisions and the style is tan breeches or jodphurs, show shirt tucked in with a belt, boot style depending on the age of the rider. Riders 12 and under wear paddock boots with garters, riders over 12 wear tall boots, black helmet. I recommend going to the dover catalogue and viewing the examples.

Jumper riders may always ride in full attire, however a polo shirt or show shirt tucked in with a belt is acceptable for the schooling show environment. NO T SHIRTS,OR TANK TOPS.

Our show is intended to offer an introduction to the more formal environment of the A show world. Most important is clean and tidy. This includes hair style of 2 braids with bows for girls under 12 and hair up in a hair net for girls over 12.

There is a concession stand on the premises with above average items. They start with breakfast tacos at 8 am each morning.

There will be a BCRC snack table that you may contribute snacks and waters for the group.

Don't forget to register with the for the free outreach membership to take advantage of this great opportunity.

I hope I covered it all and we're looking forward to a great event.

The weather forecast is showing cooler weather and everything takes place indoors. Arenas are known to feel colder inside so plan accordingly. High of 68 is expected both Saturday and Sunday.


From the staff at BCRC.


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