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October 30th we will host a fun day of events at Bee Cave Riding Center.

There will be a horse show beginning at 8 am with the higher level of jumps. Depending on the interest by the more advanced riders, the height may start at 3'6" and the day will continue to include all heights of jumps down to cavalettis. We'll be able to update you on the approximate times of the divisions as we conclude the sign up.

Each height division will include 5 classes, 3 classes over the jumps and 2 classes on the flat. Each division will cost $50.00. A rider may ride in more than one division. There is a sign up on the board behind the arena. Each school horse may be ridden by up to 4 riders depending on the height of the jumps the rider chooses. We will consider the work load of each horse in an effort to accommodate multiple riders.

At the end of the horses show, approximately 6 pm we will have a halloween costume contest that may include a horse dressed in a safe costume. We will break to allow for time to dress in costume. Leasees have the priority with each school horse and any extra horses may be used by others. There will be a category for those in costume without a horse.

BCRC will provide Pizza and water throughout the day. Snacks and desserts may be brought to create a food table.


Don't forget November 5th Bee Cave Riding Center will host a fun filled Kid's event from 4-8 pm. Our BCRC drill team will perform at the closing of the event. We will have a practice for the drill team on Friday November 3rd from 5-7pm. If you are interested in riding in the drill team, please sign up on the board behind the arena that is designated for the drill team .

We will update more information about this event in the next Barn News.


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